Complete Web Developer - Graphic Artist - Programmer - Business IT/Computer support


Complete Web Development Services

I can make a complete website for you, start to finish, for a low price. It doesn't matter if you're in the same city as me or not. The service includes web design, which means putting in all the information about your business and making it appear professional, a domain - the thing you type in at the top, for example google.com, and SEO - search engine optimization, which means getting on the first page of google when customers try to search what you're selling.

I offer incredibly competitive prices and extremely low monthly service fees. The best part is that by becoming one of my clients, you join my affiliate network - and if you refer someone to me, have them mention your name and you will get 10% of the sale price!

$200 Laptops, Computer and IT Support

I specialize in cheap business laptops. These laptops cannot do gaming but can get on the internet, run business apps, are are very reliable. Laptops come with battery, AC adapter, carrying case, Windows 7 or Windows XP, 1 Year complete warranty.

I offer affordable computer help and remote support as well as on-site services.

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